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More books that were recently only in digital form will be published soon. Two are set during the Civil War (Richmond, Virginia, and Natchez, Mississippi), one is post Civil War (Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee), and one is a contemporary Young Adult mystery.


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My aim as a writer is to create for you another world...a world that you can walk around in and experience in your own way, and come back feeling that you actually went somewhere...that you were not only entertained, but inspired and challenged!


To everyone who has reviewed my books, either with an online store, a website such as Goodreads, or on their own personal blog, I'd like to say a sincere "Thank you!" I wish I could respond to each one personally--there may be many that I don't see. Special thanks, also, to those who take the  time and trouble to send emails. You are appreciated! I will always respond, and if you don’t receive a

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